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The Parish has an extensive network of public rights of way comprised of some 35 footpaths and bridleways. These can be identified by clicking on the link below and zooming in on Standon Parish. Please be aware that there is no public right of way between footpaths 29 and 35 through Cotes Lodge.

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Walkers should obey the Country Code and respect crops and livestock to ensure that the paths in our Parish may continue to be enjoyed without affecting local inhabitants and those who work the land.


Cutbacks in Local Authority spending has resulted in the maintenance of the footpaths becoming increasingly reliant on the goodwill of volunteer groups. We are indebted to Nigel Hopkins, the County Council Volunteer Group Supervisor, together with Derek Sweet and the Stone Ramblers Volunteer Group for their continuing work replacing stiles and the general maintenance of our footpath network.


2018 – Some of the eight stiles recently replaced in the Parish and an example of hedge trimming to reveal one of the signposts previously hidden by the hedge.

“Photos by Bill Twigg from Bowers who has recently joined the Stone Ramblers Working Group resulting in a vital local link with the group to the benefit of our Community, many thanks to all concerned”.












May 2014 – Improvements created by the Stone Ramblers Volunteer Project Group and the Staffordshire County Ranger Service.


The newly constructed boardwalk crossing the marshy ground between the Meece Brook and the “Girder Bridge” over the railway to Back Lane Cranberry.



The new stile and improved steps from Church Lane to the Old Post Office Standon.


These renovated steps lead from Weston Lane to Butthouse Lane. The path continues across to Back Lane Cranberry via the new boardwalk and the railway bridge. A fine series of paths then lead out of the Parish to Swynnerton by first crossing Biddles Lane and then the A519 and across the fields to Early Lane