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Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has issued the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities with a turnover not exceeding £25,000. The Code is a requirement for smaller authorities to make information available for local people to increase democratic accountability.

This page allows you to access all of the information that Standon Parish Council is required to publish under the Transparency Code.


Public rights 2022

Summary of Public rights

Signed Section1 & 2 Annual Return 2021-22

ReducedUnsigned Annual Return Form2__ 2021-22

R&P account 2021-22

Payments over £100

Appendix 2_Standon2022

Financial Report 16th May 2022 (1)

Standon Exemprion certificate__ -signed.-reduced

Public rights 2021

Scan Standon AGAR2 2020-21__ reduced (1)

Standon Financial Regulations July 2020 (5)


Annual Return Part2 2020-21 (6)

Financial Report 16th May 2022 (1)

Appendix 2_Standon2021 (1)

Financial Report 10th May 2021

Public rights Standon


Appendix 2_Standon2020

Exemption & audit return.compressed

internal audit report


Accounting Statements 2019

Annual governance statement 2019

Exemption Certificate 2019

Public Rights 2019


exercise_of_public_rights_2017-18 Standon




Exemption certificate 2017_18



Public rights2017



Councillors responsibilities

Explanation of variances_

Standon2015 Payments over £100 2014-15

Public land and building assets

R&P account 2014-15

Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities

declaration of accounts 31 march 2016

annual governance statement 2015-16